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5-Year-Old Goes Around To Community Workers Handing Out Goodie Bags

Danielle sent me this story yesterday about a very observant boy names Justyn Boumah!

He’s only 5-years-old, lives in Las Vegas, and told his mom he didn’t see any community workers being thanked. He’s afraid if they don’t feel appreciated, they might not want to be here anymore, so he set out on a way to thank them!

He ventured around the city passing out goodie bags he’d made to construction workers, sanitation workers, police officers, postal workers! They help us, he thanked them.

What’s just as amazing is this kid recently launched the nonprofit, Heroes & Hearts, which aims to spread literacy using libraries and read-a-thons!

Basically this kid was born to change the world, and if you want to check him out on Instagram he’s @Traveling.Toddler and it’s all good vibes!