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Customer Service Manager Pays For Man's Grocery After He Forgot His Wallet

Cassie Minikhiem wanted to shine a light on her neighborhood Publix in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

A guy names Alan Bair was checking out his groceries when he realized he left his wallet in the car. The cashier said no problem, I’ll wait while you go get it, but when he came back from his car, he admitted to being a total goof, and left his wallet at home!

He was ready to leave, but turns out the person standing next to the cashier was the customer service manager, Carol.

She took Alan over to her register where Carol pulled out her own credit card. She said I got your groceries, just pay me back next time you come shopping.

Alan was so blown away by this kindness, and said it happened so quickly on her end that he’s sure she’s done this a dozen times. He couldn’t even wait! Alan did the right thing and drove right home and back, and handed Carol more cash than he owed her as a thank you.

What a great Publix you got over there, Cassie! Thank you for your story!!!