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Three Teenagers Save The Residents Of A Senior Home As Fire Breaks Out

When I become a parent, I can only hope to raise kids like Ryken Glew, Jackson Brown, and Ethan Katicic.

They are all 17 and 18-years-old, and the other night were on their way to play basketball when they saw a giant cloud of black smoke, and decided to drive towards it to see what’s going on.

They pulled up to their town’s seniors home, and this giant building looked nearly entirely covered in smoke and flames.

There were dozens of people outside taking pictures, but Ryken jumped out of the car and ran into the building before the car was even parked. Jackson was right behind him, and Ethan ran into the adjacent building which was also smoking.

These boys got there before any first responders, and thank goodness because a lot of the residents were confused and unsure if this was even a real fire alarm. They evacuated both buildings ENTIRELY! One of them even had to carry a resident, because she couldn’t make it out herself!

They boys are being hailed as heroes, of course, but Jackson said,“I feel like we were just doing what we had to do, because no one else was helping. I don't think we deserve any extra recognition for that. I feel that I did it because that's what was right.”

AMAZING! Congratulations to these boys’ parents because I don’t think they could have come out any better.