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UPS Worker Saves Resident And Dog From Fire After Seeing Smoke

Today’s story is about an anonymous UPS worker from Texas, who was making deliveries the other night when he smelled smoke near one of his drop sites.

He looked around and saw smoke coming out of the roof vents of a nearby house, so he went over and started banging on the door. It was only about 8pm and no one was answering.

I’m sure that would have been satisfying enough for most people to assume no one’s home, but not this guy. Instead, he kicked the door in! And thank goodness because the resident was a VERY deep sleeper, and didn’t wake up until the door was knocked down!

This USP worker is being called a hero, and there was also a dog inside. So I call him a double hero.

Also, the fire started from lint buildup in the man’s dryer, so maybe check your dryer is safe and clean today! IT’S IMPORTANT!