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Are You Invited To Any "Two Part" Weddings? Let's Discuss!

Skeery has been invited to weddings that are being broken up into two parts: a ceremony now and a reception later.

With dancing rules still being implemented in states like New York, a lot of couples are getting married now but waiting a year to party and celebrate. With that we had an in-depth conversation on what to do gift wise when you're invited to both parts... One listener Karen called in and said she gave a gift to one part, but won't give at the other. Another listener, Jenny is going to give two gifts! Our own producer Sam commented on Instagram saying, "YES! Already went to the ceremony and I wrote them a check for half of what my gift will be, and I legit told them that in the card. Feels like the only logical answer cause I’m not Rockefeller lol."
Do you think you should get the couple two gifts for their two separate weddings? Listen to our conversation below and let us know in the comments!