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Man Jumps From Bridge Into Shallow Water After Baby In Car Seat Falls In

Debi Nelson sent me this story about a hero who wishes to remain anonymous.

In Ocean City there was a huge accident on the Route 90 bridge. Thankfully there were no fatalities, but there was a 5-car pileup, including one truck that was teetering over the guardrail.

And from that truck a baby still strapped to her car seat, was thrown out of the car, and into the bay.

That’s a 30 ft drop!!! This good Samaritan was so worried about that baby, that he jumped from the bridge, into the water! Now the water was only about 50 degrees, and the bay is just 5 ft deep. SO it’s truly incredible how quickly he snapped into action.

The man held onto her until a boat that was nearby scooped them both up, and she does have injuries but largely thanks to this man, will be alright.

What a hero!