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Coldplay Talks 'Higher Power,' Alien Radio + Compares Music To Fishing

Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland of Coldplay joined us on Zoom, Friday May 7th to talk the new release of their song Higher Power, Alien Radio and to share how they 'fish' for songs.

"It feels good to be talking to you again," Martin tell Elvis Duran on his show Friday morning. There's something so wonderful and uplifting about Coldplay "on behalf of the planet Earth, we thank you," Duran says back to Martin. As far as making music during the pandemic, Martin admits they never stopped. "We first of all never stopped, for me and Jonny, music is our hobby as well as our job. You never really know when songs are going to land from the universe," Martin compares making music to fishing, "In a strange way we’re like fisherman, we have to sit and work on the craft until a fish shows up."
As far as playing for people anytime soon, the two admit that there is no plan. "We've just been rehearsing for the past couple weeks, with no plan of playing for anyone," says Buckland. "We’re going to be busy whatever happens…" adds Martin.

Make sure to watch Coldplay's entire interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above as they go in more depth on 'Alien Radio' and creating music in 'other' languages. Then be sure to listen to their new song Higher Power out now!