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Sanitation Employees Dig Through Garbage To Find Woman's Ring

Today’s submission from Kelli Buntz shines a light on New Jersey sanitation employees Jovani Quiles, Ramon Nazario, Alfredo Perez, and Paul Deola.

I think we can all agree that our sanitation workers are under appreciated- they have a physically demanding, and extremely necessary job. But these 4 took it to the next level.

So mom Ruth Watson was cleaning up around the house, and temporarily put her wedding ring and her wallet in a bag with other items. Her 10-year-old son mistook that bag for garbage, and brought it out to the curb.

By the time mom realized it, the truck was long gone.

Of course she started to panic like crazy, and got in touch with landfill supervisor Jovani, sent him pictures of what the wallet and ring looked like, and he volunteered to dig through that trash, about where the truck had dumped it.

It was quite the inconvenient hunt, and the 3 other gentlemen offered to join in About 90 minutes later, they had her wedding ring!

I can’t imagine digging through a landfill for something for myself, never mind for someone else.