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Here's How You Can Help The COVID Crisis Happening In India

Today’s Feel Goods is a little special, because we’re featuring something Gandhi’s involved in!

Last night Gandhi helped Quentin Quarantino on Instagram to raise money for COVID relief in India, which we know they are in desperate need of. If you want to check out his page, you can link over from Gandhi’s Instagram story.

So the guy Tommy who started this page is preeetty awesome, he was a young dude working in social media, started making memes, and just developed a huge following from it!

Then Tommy started using that following for some serious good, and would post about different issues that need help. So far this year alone, he’s ushered in over 2 million dollars to various causes! It’s MAY- that’s incredible.

So far Tommy has raised over $350,000 for the COVID crisis in India, and Gandhi as we know jumped on Instagram live to chat with him about it yesterday. What a great collab!