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Woman Didn't Know She Was Pregnant, Gave Birth On Flight To Honolulu

A BUNCH of people sent me today’s feature about Lavina Mounga.

She was on a flight to Honolulu for a girl’s trip, which today is maybe a bit nerve-wracking for anyone. But it became a little extra intense for her.

See, Lavina was 29 weeks PREGNANT, and she had NO IDEA! And apparently, her baby decided to make an appearance during that flight.

Lucky for her, family physician Dr. Dale Glenn and neonatal intensive care unit nurses Lani Bamfield and Amanda Beeding were on flight, and they safely delivered her brand new nugget!

Poor Lavina passed out during labor, likely from shock, and without those professionals and their creative use of shoelaces and an apple watch, the baby probably wouldn’t have survived the first sew minutes of life.

So thank you to those 3 health care professionals, and HAPPY national nurses' week!