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LIRR Conductor Called 'Hero' After Finding Bag Of Diamonds Left On Train

Paul H. sent me today’s Feel Goods and it’s all about Long Island Railroad conductor Jonathan Yellowday.

We’ve chatted about karma a lot here on the show, if we found a wallet full of cash, which of us would return the wallet and who would keep it, or at least keep some cash.

Well, conductor Jonathan found a plastic bag holding a case of jewelry, with 36 engagement rings inside! It was worth over $100,000 in diamonds!

Jonathan debated not doing anything because he didn’t even think they could be real, left behind like that. But once he realized, boom, straight to the police!

Turns out a Manhattan jeweler left them behind on his way home one day, and thanks to Jonathan he now has them back. Of course, Jonathan is being recognized as a hero, but he just thinks he did the right thing. And I agree!