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Woman Finds Christmas Wish List Attached To Balloon From 2 States Away

Today’s Feel Goods sounds like it could be the plot of a Pixar movie, and it was sent to me by Susan DiTacconi!

Alvin Bamburg in Louisiana was walking along, when he found a red balloon with a note attached to it. When he read the note, turns out it was a Christmas wish list addressed to Santa!

Alvin thought it was just too cute and had to act as Santa, so he put a photo of the balloon online and through the magic of social media, found out the note was written by 4-year-old twins Luna and Gianella Gonzalez in KANSAS! That balloon traveled 2 states away!!!

Alvin shipped the girls almost everything on that list, except one item that couldn’t go in the mail. SO, Alvin drove for hours to surprise the girls with their new puppy, MAX!

SO cute, Alvin said "I hear them say Alvin, and they smile, and that just means everything. The world has been bad this past year. So if you can make just one person smile, not only will it help them, it will make you feel so much better."