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'Fuller House' Twins' Mom Shares Inspiring Surrogate Story

Today’s Feel Goods comes to us from Cristina Loayza and it is about the bond between Kacy Andrews, and her friend Inez Venus-Contreras.

Kacy met Inez 20 years earlier, through the Big Sisters program- she was her big, and they became incredibly close over the years. And then POOF, one day, Inez was an adult, and became Kacy and her husband’s savior.

The two were trying to get pregnant and had 6 failed artificial insemination attempts, and when Kacy opened up to Inez that over dinner, she offered to have a baby for them! She wanted to give back to her big sister.

Well, the doctors transferred a single embryo to prevent the risk of twins but guess what- TWINS HAPPENED ANYWAY!

Now they are a big happy family, and those twins are actually the kids cast on Fuller House!

Thank you Cristina!