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Watch Man Save 6-Year-Old From Train Tracks Seconds Before Train Comes In

I saw this story yesterday and it is freaking incredible!

In Mumbai, Mayur Shelke was the Railway Pointsman on duty at a train station, when every parent’s worst nightmare happened.

A 6-year-old boy slipped off the edge of the platform onto the tracks, and a train was seconds away from pulling in.

The boy’s mother is visually impaired, so she didn’t even have the ability to really do anything, she just screamed. And that’s when Mayur snapped into action- he jumped on the tracks and RAN seemingly full speed, towards the oncoming train, towards the boy, and got the two of them to safety literally about a second before the train hit where they were.

It’s incredible to watch, it looks more like a scene from a movie than real life.

Mayur is recently became a dad, and said that gave him even more compassion to help save this boy.

He’s getting lots of praise and even awards from his community, deservingly so. What a hero!