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NJ Couple Helps Drive People To Their Vaccine Appointments As Needed

Today’s feature comes from our very own David Brody!

There’s a New Jersey couple- Joe Cicchetti and Shirley Limburg, and they are giving FREE rides to people who need to get to their vaccine appointment, but have no way of getting there. And they’ll drive as far as an HOUR away!

It started with Joe and his passion for restoring cars- he thought it might be amusing to make a car look like the coronavirus- and he did! Little red sticks with balls of red spikes covering the hood.

BUT, he and his partner use it for extreme good. The service is called “Joe’s Covee Car,” and if you agree to wear a mask the whole trip and get your temperature taken at pickup, Joe and Shirley will gladly take stuck residents in Hunterdon and Warren County to their appointments. It’s gotten so popular in fact, that other volunteers have reached out from different areas, and volunteered to drive for the business.

Joe said,“For us to drive somebody is a little thing, but for somebody who has no car and is maybe unemployed right now ... for them it’s a big thing.”

Spoken like a true American Hero!