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Woman Saves 3-Year-Old And Father Struggling To Swim To Shore

Jillian Woods sent me this story, shining a light on Jennifer Watson.

She’s 22-years-old, and was listening to music in her room the other day when her dogs started barking like CRAZY! When she went to go see what spooked them, she heard someone yelling for help.

Apparently, a family had been fishing in the lake next to her home, and their boat sunk. And now this father was seriously struggling to get his 3-year-old to shore.

Luckily for them, Jennifer has been a competitive swimmer since she was 5 and JUMPED into action! She swam the hell out there and grabbed that baby, took him to shore, which allowed the rest of the family to swim back safely. So she saved multiple lives because I doubt that father would have ever let go!

Jennifer is studying to become a nurse, and is the primary caregiver to her mother, so it seems like being a hero just lives in her body- and for that, we love her!