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Watch: Cafeteria Manager Celebrated At School For Earning U.S. Citizenship

SO many people sent me this adorable story and it’s been everywhere, so I want to join in celebrating Ms. Yanet, whom is a cafeteria manager at Prairie Vale Elementary School in Oklahoma.

Ms. Yanet revealed to some students and coworkers that not only had she been privately studying to become a US citizen, but she had just recently passed.

So the very next day she was called to the principal’s office, and when she left her room to walk over, every student in the school was lining hallway after hallway, enthusiastically cheering her accomplishment as she passed by.

I don’t think most people know how hard it truly is to become a US citizen- a good friend of my boyfriend’s became one a few years ago and was telling us all about the process, I would not have passed. So congratulations to EVERYONE who has made that journey!