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2-Year-Old Reunited With Buzz Lightyear Toy, Lost On Southwest Flight

Michelle Mathieu sent me this story about 2-year-old, Hagen.

He had just gotten off a flight with his parents, and was looking for his Buzz Lightyear toy (which is his most treasured possession, he even wrote his name on Buzz’s foot, just like Andy did in the movie Toy Story!) UNFORTUNATELY, mom realized it must have been left behind when they got off the flight!

Mom told Hagen that Buzz was on a special mission and would soon be back, AKA mom was going to run to Target and replace the toy without him knowing. What mom didn’t know, was Buzz REALLY WAS on a special mission!

Southwest Airlines employee Beth Buchanan found Buzz on the, saw that Hagen’s name was written on his boot, and looked through the passenger list to find his rightful family.

Then while she waited to hear back with where to send Buzz, fellow employee Jason William Hamm got creative and took Buzz on a photoshoot throughout the airplane, so that when Hagen got his Buzz back it would include photos of Buzz’s special mission, as well as a letter describing his journey.

I know this doesn’t sound like all that much to us boring grown people, but to two-year-old

Hagen? This possibly made his whole year. Thank you to all airline employees who go well beyond their job description for us.