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Family Adopts 7 Children After Their Parents Die In A Car Crash

A lot of Feel Goods I cover are fleeting moments in time- like a short-term good deed. But this story Gandhi set me takes some amazing people, named Pam and Gary Willis.

The couple has 5 kids of their own, and were nearing retirement (which is supposed to be a more relaxed chapter in life), when Pam learned about 7 children who had lost their parents in a car accident.

They ranged from 1-12-years-old, and without another family member taking care of them I think most of us would just hope they each find their own loving home. But Pam and Gary stepped up, and knew they had to adopt all 7.

The couple wasn’t even looking to adopt at the time! But they thought, if we don’t love and take these children together, who will? And I think that’s a mindset that only saints on Earth have.

Love to all parents who foster/adopt out there!