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Top 10 Foods That Instantly Put Americans Into A Good Mood

On today's Froggy Food News countdown, Froggy is ranking the top 10 foods that put Americans into a good mood. Of course Danielle and Elvis had some complaints about the list, but here it is:

10- French Fries

9- Cheese burgers

8- Baked potato

7- Mac & Cheese

6- Mashed potatoes with butter

5- Waffles and Pancakes

4- Fried rice

3- Steak

2- Bacon and Eggs

1- Tacos

"Where's pizza?" Danielle wants to know or "fried chicken," Elvis asks! It may be in the top 20, but those two foods didn't make it to the top 10! Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments!