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Goodwill Employee Find $42,000 In Stack Of Books At Store

You guys already know, we at this show love Goodwill. They’re a great company that does a lot for the community, and APPARENTLY, has some freaking moral rockstars working there.

Andrea Lessing is an employee and young mother in Oklahoma, and she was doing quality check on recently donated items.She came across two sweaters that were tied together, and it look like they were holding books.

NOPE! She untied those sweaters to find a stack of $100 bills so thick, it only looked like books! Andrea counted out $42,000!

Apparently this kind of stuff happens all the time at Goodwill, and (statistically I imagine the employees don’t always tell others about their find, BUT Andrea considered this an opportunity in karma, saw personal information from the donator in that stack, and got the money back to them.

They asked Andrea to keep $1,000 as a gift, and she said it’s going right to her daughter’s 7th birthday party. Which is adorable.

Andrea, you are a great person and a great mom!