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High School Football Team Gives Team Manager A Chance To Score Touchdown

Anna Plichta sent me a story coming out of her hometown of Lake Norman, North Carolina.

They just had their senior night, and for the high school that meant a huge football game, where they were playing for first place! And coach Jonathan Oliphant wanted to do something for senior Sam Jordan.

So Sam has Down syndrome, and has been the team’s manager all 4 years of school. And he’s been a very dedicated manager- all the players appreciate him.

Coach thought, what better way to thank Sam for his 4 years of hard work, then have him score a touchdown to start the game? So he got in touch with the opposing coach, he agreed, and- you’ve got to watch this video, because these two teams did NOT hold back their sportsmanship.

As Sam is running down the field, his teammates are not only guarding him but some are in his face yelling encouragement, and the opposing team players are THROWING their bodies at him, falling inches behind every time. And of course, Sam got a huge celebration at the end. It was a wonderful way to celebrate this particular senior, and I’m sure they gave him a night he will never forget.