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Mailman Walks Route With Neighbor With A Cognitive Disability For 17 Years

Tasha Herald sent me today’s story shining a light on mail carrier, Tom Tomsak.

He’s been walking the same route for 17 years, and on one of the first days, he realized he was being followed, and at first it really made him nervous- who is this guy and what does he want?

Turns out it was local resident Andy Cooper.

Andy had trouble breathing when he was born and was left with a cognitive disability, and was very curious about Tom. And that day, was kind of the first day of the rest of their lives!

Tom took the time to try and understand Andy and their friendship just boomed from there! SO, For the last 17 years, 8 hours a day, Andy has walked Tom’s mail route alongside him, rain or shine!

Andy’s dad said it’s absolutely changed his life. Andy LOVES structure in his day and many of the neighbors even wait outside to chat with Andy and Tom.

So this companionship is a beautiful gift, and I am so glad they have one another. Thank you for the story, Tasha!

Photo: Getty