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How Did You Catch Your Significant Other Cheating?

Have you ever caught your significant other cheating?

Today we are asking a very general question: how did you find out he or she cheated? Turns out the answers were all over the place! We started with listeners sharing how they found out their significant other cheated with technology. We also had answers like found it in his journal and another guy said he found out his wife was cheating when the guy she was cheating with CALLED him!

On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we asked this same questions and also got some crazy answers! One user writes: "I suspected he was doing something so I bought a GPS tracker that has a mic and put it in my purse. While we were driving I said to stop at a corner store . I left the purse in the care and took my wallet. I the store I called the GPS just to see if it worked and he was talking to the other one while I was in the store."

Hear these stories and our reactions below!