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Dog Saves Owner After She Has Seizure While Out For A Walk

Lisa Adler sent me a story about another dog hero!

Clover was on a walk with her human, Haley Moore, when Haley began to have a seizure.

There’s video from a neighbor’s security camera- Haley just collapsed to the ground. And Clover’s reaction is ASTOUNDING- first she hovers over Haley, and when she can tell she’s not ok, Clover starts to look around for someone to help!

She uses her teeth to yank herself free from the leash pinned under Haley, and runs into the street when she sees a truck coming to stop it.

The truck driver called 911, and Haley is recovering fine.

I wonder what my dog would have done….probably cuddles next to me for nap time and raid my pocket for snacks!

Photo: Getty