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Shelter Dog Won't Go Anywhere Without His Stuffed Animal

Oh my goodness, Russchanna McLeod melted my heart with this Feel Goods story about a stray dog from North Carolina.

This dog had the shelter called on him as a tattle tale, because he would not stop breaking into a convenience store to steal one specific stuffed animal.

It was a purple unicorn. And the dog would just wait in the parking lot for his next opportunity to get into the store and try to grab it!

Animal Control Officer Samantha Lane was sent to scoop him up, and thankfully when she did she bought him the purple unicorn he wanted so badly.

Once the dog had his stuffed animal he got in her car willingly, and since the shelter shared his story along with his adorable photo cuddling the unicorn, he’s gotten a ton of adoption requests. So he will find his happy home soon!

Photo: Getty