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Anthony Ramos Reveals Next Album Will Have 'Sexy Vibes'

Anthony Ramos is joining Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Zoom to talk all about his new single Say Less, working on his new album and his upcoming movie In The Heights.

"You do all these things and they don’t come out till way later. It’s cool man, I’m just trying to stay busy," Ramos tell Elvis on Friday's show. "I did a movie called Summertime, that never say the light of day." This brought up the topic of his upcoming film In The Heights. The film was highly anticipated last summer but was pushed to be released this July instead. "I was on the phone with our director... we were bummed because that movie is made for the theaters. But I knew that movie was going to come out eventually," Ramos continues, "I do think people will go to the theater. I repeat do not make your first experience watching In The Heights on your television." Ramos will be playing Usnavi de la Vega in the film set to come out to theaters and HBO Max on June 11, 2021.
"I’m so excited about this record because I feel like this is the best music I’ve ever written," Ramos tell Elvis on his latest project (album release date unknown). With the film, his music and now also an HBO series, Ramos has stayed pretty busy. "I’m just grateful that all of these things can show different sides of me." Ramos' new song Say Less, is incredible but we're really looking forward to the music video being released on April 2nd featuring his In The Heights co-star Melissa Barrera.

But of course, how can we not talk about Ramos' new Calvin Klein ad....

In the actual Calvin Klein ad, the narrator asks 'What are you most vulnerable about' as the camera pans towards Ramos' 'weiner'.... "I guess that is a vulnerable place, jokes Ramos."

Watch our entire interview with Ramos above!