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AJR Sample Paul Simon In Latest Single 'Way Less Sad' + Tease Upcoming Tour

AJR are joining Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Friday March 26th to talk all about their fourth studio album, 'Ok Orchestra' as well as their hit single Bang! and latest single Way Less Sad.

Adam, Jack and Ryan are on with us talking about their new album and latest single Way Less Sad, which actually samples Paul Simon's 'My Little Town' in the background! "It literally was the puzzle piece that fit perfectly, and it was ready to go," AJR tells Elvis. But what are the actual logistics with sampling a song? He gets publishing credit for writing that, according to the band.

Their song Bang! can be heard most recently in the trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians' final season but their latest single is really what everyone is buzzing about! The song Way Less Sad is now in a big connection with Major League Baseball.... The song will be their theme for the first 4 months of the season and the brothers just shot exclusive content that will air over the next few months for it! "They heard Way Less Sad and said this is the announcement that baseball is back," AJR tells Elvis. What an amazing opportunity for these guys!

Make sure to check out all their latest music as well as watch their full interview with us above where you will find out the real reason they left a couple of songs off this latest album!