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Double Dip! Can You Name This 90's Movie And A Top 10 Dipping Sauce?

It's time to DOUBLE DIP! Not like you think though, we're still in a pandemic....

In today's show we are combining Gandhi's game of Blockbuster 90's Movies with Brody's game of the best dips to give you: Double Dip!

What will happen is, we will play a clip from a hit 90's Blockbuster movie, if you guess the clip right you get the money, but if you guess the clip wrong then you have to name a dip that falls into the list of the Top 10 Dips of America. If you guess one of those dips, you win the money for that round!

Can you guess everything correctly!? Listen below and let us know in the comments!

Top 10 Dips in America:

  1. Guacamole 
  2.  Salsa
  3.  French Onion Dip
  4.  Spinach Dip
  5.  Artichoke Dip
  6. Seven Layer Dip
  7.  Hummus
  8.  Queso
  9.  Bean Dip
  10. Cream Cheese Dip