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Inside Edition's Deborah Norville Talks True Crime Lifetime Movie & More

Inside Edition's Deborah Norville went on-air with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Wednesday, March 24th to discuss current news stories and warns Elvis about Straight Nate staying at his apartment. The journalist also reveals the inspiration behind True Crime Lifetime Movie.

Inside Edition is in its 33rd season and Deborah has been anchoring the show for 26 seasons, making her the longest-sitting anchor on a daily broadcast news program. This week on the show, Deborah will be taking her audience behind the scenes of a Vegas show to "see how the show girls are being safe and masking." It will be an interesting look to how Vegas can stay in business with show's opening.

Deborah also mentions on the show this week how tenants are staying in places they've rented for the summer, long after their lease was, taking advantage of new regulations with COVID. "People refuse to leave, Deborah explains to Elvis, "Because of COVID many states have rules that you can not evict people. It's meant to protect the people who lost their jobs and can't make their payments." After Elvis explains that our own producer, Straight Nate is staying at his apartment while his house is being renovated Deborah jokingly warns Elvis that Straight Nate could be one of 'those kind of people,' and could actually stay without Elvis having the authority to kick them out!

Hear more from Deborah as she talks about her Lifetime movie, "The Long Island Serial Killer: A Mother's Hunt For Justice," above as well as catch her on Inside Edition daily!