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Best Friends Reunite 80 Years Later After Being Separated Fleeing Nazis

This is incredible and it was sent to me by Nancy D’Shaw-

80 years ago, best friends Betty Grebenschikoff and Annemarie Wahrenberg parted ways as little girls, as their families were each fleeing from Nazis.

They ended up in different countries, Annemarie changed her name, and that’s been it. UNTIL Annemarie recently spoke about the Holocaust at a webinar. She used her original name, and it captivated one attendee.

Ita Gordon could NOT stop thinking about her story, did some research, and found that her name popped up in someone else’s testimony way earlier, and that was Betty’s!

Apparently, Betty has mentioned Annemarie’s name every time she speaks about her experience, in hopes that someone who knows of her hears. And it worked.

Ita did the research, put in the work, and ultimately was able to reunite these 91-year-old friends on a video call! They were SO HAPPY to be reunited, it got a little emotional, and the 2 chatted for hours.

What an incredible reunion!!!