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Son-In-Law Gets Far Away Restaurant To Deliver Food For Mother With Cancer

Dylan Patel sent me this story about the mother-in-law of Brandon Jones.

She is in her final stages of lung cancer, and never ask for much, but one thing she did want was the tempura broccoli from her favorite restaurant in Baltimore, Ekiben. Apparently, every time she made the trip from her home in Vermont to Baltimore, she insisted on eating there.

Unfortunately, under the circumstances, she wasn’t making another trip out there. So Brandon emailed the owner, Steve Chu, asking for the recipe.

Brandon was fully prepared to make this tempura broccoli, but Steve responded with a bigger gift. He asked if he could make the 6-hour drive from Baltimore, to cook it for her, and meet the family.

Steve turned her truck into a makeshift kitchen, and against freezing temperatures got the fryer to the correct temperature to make the tempura broccoli.

Brandon’s mother-in-law was SHOCKED- she kept saying she didn’t understand, and cried over Steve’s generosity.

If you’re in the Baltimore area, please check out Ekiben, it’s Asian fusion, and I think we can all agree- is owned by a pretty incredible person.