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Jimmy Fallon Debuts New Song With Nick Jonas '3 Dots'

Jimmy Fallon went on-air with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Tuesday to announce his new song with Nick Jonas.

The late night show host has put out a song and wanted to debut it on our station before the music video premiere tonight on his show. "Finally what everyone’s been waiting for a song with Nick Jonas and Jimmy Fallon," Fallon teases on the morning show. "So we knew Nick was coming up but we had this idea for a song about the worst text message you could ever receive which is the three dots. So it's a song where a guy sends a funny meme to his girl so now the guy is talking about what he’s doing while waiting for a response."

The song '3 Dots' will have a video premiere on The Tonight Show Tuesday night. "It won’t leave your head when you hear it," teases Fallon!

Watch Fallon's interview with Elvis above!

Photo: Getty