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Former Student Raises $27,000 To Help Teacher Living Out Of His Car

Simon Lee sent me today’s Feel Goods and it’s an incredible reminder, that our educators need to be paid more!

Mr. V was a substitute teacher for decades in California, and was adored by a lot of his students.

When the pandemic hit, he decided to resign because he felt like with virtual learning his job was essentially gone anyway, plus he was pushing 76, so it was just time.

Unfortunately, retiring from substitute teaching wasn’t really paying the bills, and soon, Mr. V found himself living out of his car.

Thankfully, his former student Steven Nava passed by his car, and was so upset over the condition of Mr.V’s life. ESPECIALLY since he once took extra time to help him with a study guide. So, Steve gave Mr. V $300 out of his pocket, started a GoFundMe page, and planned a 77th birthday party for him.

SO many people recognized Mr. V and showed up to celebrate him with love and gifts, and at the end of that party, Steven was able to gift him a $27,000 check thanks to that GoFundMe page.

The most beautiful part? Mr. V said he takes this all as a sign, and must do what he can to continue to help others in the future. So sweet!

Thank you to all of our educators out there!!!!! 

Photo: Getty