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Nikki Delventhal Describes Living Full-Time In Her Car, Traveling The U.S.

"I live out of my Toyota Prius full-time, with my puppy!" is the first line on Nikki Delventhal's YouTube home page, "I'm a hiker, adventurer & outdoor enthusiast. After years hair styling, fitness, modeling, pro cheering & in NYC, I traded in my PomPoms & high heels for full time travel. Since 2015, I've worked as a seasonal tour guide for teenagers in over 20 different countries, was a travel consultant and planner for hundreds of families & now travel, working remotely during the year! I’ve explored the world, especially the USA, inside and out and have a passion for finding off the beaten path places."

Friday, March 12th we had Nikki on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show show to ask the questions I'm sure you are all having after hearing about someone living in a Toyota with their dog full-time! Her dog Camper joined her journey about 4 months ago.

Our first question: When and where does she shower?

"Honestly this was a work in progress. I have showered every single day since living in my car. I take a gallon of water and it heats up in four hours and I’ll get in my bathing suit or put up my pop up shower."

Nikki's biggest takeaway from this experience is really about changing her whole image and life away from what people thought of her. "When you’re in this lifestyle it’s about you and your happiness. I truly take life day by day and go by how I feel. It’s just so healing."

Nikki also breaks down how she stays safe while traveling solo and the possibility of settling down in one of the places she has visited. She also talks about the finances of it all and how much it costs if you're looking to do it yourself!

Watch her full interview with Elvis Duran above!