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Gender Reveal Goes Viral On TikTok After Beautiful Surprising Ending

I know the world has mixed opinions on gender reveals: some people think they’re just dumb, other’s think they’re sexist, and some just love them! Well listener Kelli Buntz sent me a gender reveal I think we can all agree is fantastic.

There’s this couple in Canada, Charlette and Dan Fontaine, and they wanted to adopt a baby, but during their adoption classes, Charlette was really affected by the fact that kids over the age of 2 are classified as “unadoptable” because of how steep their odds become of finding a home at that age.

So, they scooped up 8-year-old beautiful Bianca, and after 4 years of fostering, they just had their official adoption day. And the 3 celebrated by making a traditional “gender reveal” video where Dan and Charlette pop a balloon with pink confetti in in, and Bianca walks in with a sign that says, “It’s a girl, a 12-year-old girl.”

The video has gone viral, and it’s super adorable, filled with love!