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Birth Parents Reunite 51 Years Later After Adopted Daughter Finds Them

Cori Beaman sent me the sweetest Feel Goods, and it starts with a woman named Laura Marby.

So Laura is 51, and was adopted at a very young age- she never knew her birth parents, but was always extremely curious to know where she came from. Thanks to some 23 And Me technology, she was put in touch with her birth mother, Donna Horn.

Apparently, she got pregnant in high school with her first love, Joe Cougill, but because of the kind of time it was, her father forbid the two from ever speaking again. So Donna had the baby alone, and immediately put her up for adoption.

Donna and Joe were devastated to not be allowed to be together 51 years ago, but thanks to their birth child Luara, the high school sweethearts reunited for dinner, and the short version is- were married during quarantine!

They each had their own families but were currently single and just picked back up! So Laura set out to know where she came from and ended up completing a long awaited love story. And I think that’s absolutely precious.

Photo: Getty