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Bobbi Brown Shares How You Can Start A Business Right Now

Our good friend Bobbi Brown is joining us on the show today to talk all about female empowerment, getting her new business Jones Road off the group and more!

For International Women's Day we brought our friend Bobbi on to talk all about being a woman in power to encourage our listeners that they already have the tools they need to take the business risk they've been contemplating. One of Brown's biggest points was to use Instagram to help your cause. "If you’re stuck at home, get on social media and start looking for life lines in people." She also says instead of trying to get Kim Kardashian to promote your products, "Align with the local businesses."

Brown also talks more about her new line of products with company Jones Road with advice like "choosing makeup textures that go with your skin." She also says "everyone needs mascara, everyone needs liner and sparkles!"

Watch her full interview with Danielle and Gandhi above!