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Who Is The Sauce Boss? Guy Fieri And Gandhi Go Head-To-Head!

Guy Fieri is on Zoom with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk all about Tournament of Champions II as well as to determine who in fact is the sauce boss?

"I'm the boss of sauce," Fieri confidentially says to Elvis. Our own Baby Hot Sauce aka Gandhi, is up for the challenge. Although Fieri came out the winner, Gandhi put up a fantastic fight. "Guy jumped me," she exclaims on the honey mustard question!

When asked about Tournament of Champions II, Fieri explains that he "started this show about 5 years ago" and "was trying to get the network to pick it up." Each 90-minute episode if filled with unpredictable action, fierce rivalries, and shocking upsets in this tough bracket-style culinary competition where 16 of the best chefs from the East and West coasts go head-to-head in sudden death cook-offs. The pressure is going to be INTENSE, so if you like cook-off shows, you gotta tune in! Fans can also stream extended episodes of the tournament and after show on discovery+ featuring even more nail-biting action and behind-the-scenes conversations with Guy and the competitors.

Tournament of Champions II kicks off on Sunday, March 7th at 8pm ET/PT