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Dr. Oz Details How He Saved Someone’s Life At Newark Airport

Dr. Oz is joining us on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Wednesday to talk all about a recent story where he actually saved someone's life at Newark airport! He also shares some of our questions about the vaccines and more!

Dr. Oz saved a man's life at Newark Airport after he collapsed. The man collapsed and had no pulse, he was turning a horrible color purple with foam coming out of his mouth when Dr. Oz started doing CPR. "We just flown back and I was getting luggage, my daughter just started saying 'daddy daddy now'," Dr. Oz then saw that a man had just collapsed to the floor right in front of his daughter. "We didn’t have any time.... I started doing chest compressions." A Port Authority police officer who was there took over the CPR while Dr. Oz cleared the man's airway. Dr. Oz has been in contact with him and his wife and he is awake and alert.

Dr. Oz also answers some of our vaccine questions including what the difference is between the three vaccine's out right now. "With all three companies there were almost no people who got really sick and no one has died," explains Dr. Oz, reassuring us that those are the two most important factors.

Check your local listing to see how you can watch Dr. Oz's show. This week he will have Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone from Bravo’s ‘Married to Medicine’ hit series on Friday and then Monday he will have a personal COVID vaccine coach explain all!

Make sure to watch our full interview with Dr. Oz above!