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Customers At A Café In Virginia Have Been 'Paying It Forward' For 3 Weeks

Amanda Trainham wanted me to shine a light on a local little café spot by her in in Fredericksburg, Virginia, called Italian Station.

One day about 3 weeks ago, someone came in and decided to pay it forward by paying for the order of the person after them. Super simple, very sweet gesture.

Well, that person was touched and decided to pay it forward…and then again….and then again….

Owner Anita Crossfield thought maybe it would last for a few hours, but incredible enough, we are on their third week straight of this kindness! It won’t stop!

Anita said they have a chain going of over 1165, and she is so proud of her community but not surprised. She is just so happy to get to be in the center of all this love.

I have a little café near me I frequent, so I think I’m gonna try this next time I go in! Thank you Amanda for the story!

Photo: Getty