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Woman Finds Stranger's Class Ring From Over 40 Years Ago, Tracks Down Owner

I never bought a class ring from my high school, BUT I remember they were super important to a lot of students. Including Dan Hoey back in 1982.

As a junior, he lost his ring weeks after getting it while on a beach trip to Rode Island! And of course, remembers feeling completely devastated. Now here we are, nearly 40 years later, and Nancy is cleaning out her attic.

Turns out she used to work at the beach, and came across the ring! Instead of tossing it she reached out to the school’s alumni association, who used the year and the initials to track Dan down.

I know it’s just a high school ring after all these years, but Dan said it reminded him that there is innate goodness in people, and I think we all need that reminder sometimes.

Photo: Getty