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Neighbor Gives Up Her COVID Vaccine For Someone Who Needed It More

Kris Bourque sent me this beautiful story about 68-year-old Emily Johnson from Austin, Texas.

She needed open-heart surgery, but her doctor said that first she’d need to have one vaccination before the operation.

So she spent hours every day making calls, doing research, and couldn’t find her way onto a list.

So, out of desperation, she went on a neighborhood page and asked if anyone had any insight for her- and thankfully good Samaritan Christy Lewis saw the post, because she replied, “you need this much more than I do. If you can make this appointment, it’s yours,” and just handed Emily her time slot.

The two went together so that Christy could explain that Emily was getting her vaccine, and the staff decided to vaccinate both of them anyway.

The perfect ending to a really compassionate story, thank you Kris!

Photo: Getty