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Texas Neighbor Let's Woman Stay In Home For 5 Days And Counting

Another incredible Texas feature sent to me by Jessica Arnold!

Chelsea Timmons was 3 hours away from home making grocery deliveries in Austin, when she felt her car lose control on an icy road, and crashed into a flowerbed in front of the home of Doug Condon and Nina Richardson.

Chelsea called AAA and was content to wait in her car, but the polite couple insisted she come in, wait where it’s warm. Chelsea could not have crashed onto the property of a better home, because what was supposed to be a few hours waiting for a tow has turned into 5 days so far. This nervous, 32-year-old woman has been happily cared for by this couple for almost a week!

This is one of those stories you just love to hear because Doug and Nina could have let Chelsea stay at a hotel, but nope, they were worried about conditions for her. Just a really great example of Texas neighborly love!

Photo: Getty