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Texas Convenience Store Has Water Bottles Stolen

With everything Texas is struggling with right now, there are a lot of stories surfacing of neighbor helping neighbor, and this is one of my favorite ones.

In San Antonio, Bonnie Valdez owns a convenience store. She had a bunch of cases of water bottles stacked outside her store, and when she came a few days later, they were all gone. They’d been taken.

Bonnie wasn’t that mad at anyone, because they are dealing with a clean water crisis and she knows people are looking at desperate times. But what truly surprised her, was when she opened the door to the store, whomever took the water did pay for it! $620 was slid under the door! Even more than what the water was worth!

It’s nice to hear about neighbors doing what they can for one another right now, as much as ever! And like Elvis said, don’t wait for a tragedy. Help when you can!

Photo: Getty