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Derek DelGaudio Talks In & Of Itself On Hulu Now

Derek DelGaudio, creator of the theater show In & Of Itself, directed by Frank Oz, joins us on-air to talk about the show without giving away any spoilers!

Everyone on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show has seen DelGaudio's theater show before except Froggy. Now that the show is on Hulu we are encouraging our listeners + Froggy to go watch it! "It is very interactive with the audience." DelGaudio also talks about the show saying There’s a lot you can’t control, some nights some things don’t jive the way they should." We find out something like this may happen when DelGaudio finds out a celebrity is in the audience. I was told Bradley Cooper was there one night and I couldn’t see Bradley Cooper so I spent most of the night looking for Bradley Cooper but it turns out it wasn’t him..." He then reveals actor Oscar Isaac was in the front row!

Listen to our entire interview with DelGaudio below!