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Sabrina Carpenter Would Go Back To Broadway After ‘Mean Girls’ Closed

Sabrina Carpenter joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Zoom Wednesday morning to talk all about her two show Broadway experience, her new song Skin and more!

As New York City began to shut down due to the coronavirus, Carpenter was actually on Broadway! "I had been rehearsing for 3 months and after two shows we shutdown," Carpenter tells Elvis over Zoom, "I mean I wasn’t the only one, everyone was effected obviously." Unfortunately with the time off 'Mean Girls' the musical actually closed, "so maybe another role" teases the pop-star!

Carpenter also talks about her song 'Skin' and how she was "going through a lot of situations and I was just letting it get to me without letting myself heal." Carpenter continues, "For me the message of the song is that when this happens, you just have to remind yourself to protect yourself."

Carpenter also teases her production company and 'writing in her bedroom' while having to stay home during the quarantine. You can watch her whole interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above as well as listen to her song Skin out now!