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Local Celebrity Rooster Stolen From Storefront, Eventually Found & Returned

We have a lot of cute dog and cat stories here on Feel Goods but how about a rooster feature?!

Kimberly Johnston is really proud of her small town in Florida, where Fred the rooster is a local celebrity. He lives outside a store owned by Emma (she rescued him and loves him very much), and the other week Fred was stolen!

It was the talk of the town, and everyone was hellbent on getting Fred back home.

Thankfully, Emma found security footage of a man chasing Fred around the parking lot and driving off with him! When police went to the house of that criminal, he folded like a leaf and Fred is now back at the store where he belongs.

Kimberly is very proud of how much the town cared for Fred, and I can’t believe I’m saying this again, DON’T steal people’s pets! Roosters or otherwise!

Photo: Getty