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Video Goes Viral Of Healthcare Workers Saving Golden Retriever On A Hike

UGH this story came from a TikTok video, and had me in tears!

Over the weekend, healthcare workers Jean François Bonnet and Ciara Nolan were mountain hiking in Dublin, when they came across this sweet and shivering golden retriever!

This dog was SO cold that she couldn’t move or even bark, she just kind of watched as she allowed them to dress her in the extra clothes they had, and attach her to one of their hiking backpacks.

It took them 5 hours to hike back down that mountain, and the next day they found out who her owners were. Apparently her family was hiking and she took off after a deer a full 2 WEEKS EARLIER, so it really is a miracle she’s still alive.

Jean and Ciara saved her life no doubt! Watch the video here.

Photo: Getty