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10-Year-Old Goes To Hospital To Scrape Snow Off Of Healthcare Workers' Cars

Many people sent this one over!

Here in the tristate we’ve been dealing with quite the amount of snow lately, which is a pain in the ass for anyone! HOWEVER, could you imagine being a hospital worker right now, saving lives all day, and then have to come out to a snow-covered car?

Thankfully, ten-year-old Christian Stone thought of that, and recruited his older friend Abby Meeker to help.

They went Westerly Hospital during shift change with their own snow removal supplies, would wait until a staff member used a remote start to warm up their car, and then would RUN over to it and clean it off as quickly as possible!

And then when shift change was over, they cleaned off more! These two cleaned off 80 cars in total, all because this ten-year-old wanted to help out the people that have been helping us through the pandemic.

Photo: Getty